Silent Hill

Things to know about Silent Hill

Experiencing Silent Hill means you decide to play one of the horror games, right? Commonly, people are interested in playing a new game. Unfortunately, this is not a new game. If you are curious about the game, let's talk more about it in this article. Do you know? The literary genre of psychological horror is able to influence the series of Silent Hill. Once you think that this game can be much challenged than the action games, you find the right reason to play the game even more and more until you appear as the champion.

The first installment in the series was released for play station in 1999. It means that this game is similar to other horror games that are released for play station. Due to you mostly play the game through the advanced devices, such as Smartphone, you may ask if the game is able to download or not. The game was available for download in 2009 from the European Play station network store. Do you know what devices can benefit from it? Play station 3 and the PS portable were some devices that people use to play the game. People finally were able to download the game from the North American PlayStation Network store at the same time. With more download option, we are sure that you will be proud of winning the game. Wait! Can you download it to play on your smart device?

Yes, as mentioned above, it is not a new game. That is why you should know where you can download it. If you have friends, who love to collect any games time to time, it is good to ask him about Silent Hill game. However, the new game means new experience, right?

Now is time to prove that you are the real horror entertainment, whether it comes in movie or games. Show to everyone that you can win the game even the horror game.

Resident Evil

Have you ever played horror game?

What do you think about the game? If you commonly play the action game, you now can turn your choice to a horror game. One of the best games to play is Resident Evil. In Japan, it is known as Bio Hazard. Simply, this is a survival horror video game, which developed and released by Capcom for Play station in 1996. It is right when you think that watching horror movie can be good to choose as an entertainment. Unlike the movie, the game gives the real horror experience to you.

Yes, it is time to challenge yourself and prove that you are able to become a game master for all kind of game, including the horror one. Once you are interesting in playing this game, we suggest you play more game that you can experience, such as Silent Hill and Fatal Frame games. When you say that you have no experience in playing horror games, we take pride in telling that those games are the most popular ones in the world.

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